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Sanctified Oldies

Volume 5
Still Cruisin'


 1 I Got Somebody clip
   2 Free Fallin' clip
   3 All Day clip
   4 Imagine clip
   5 It Won't Be Long clip
   6 Nothin' Bad clip
   7 It's Up To You clip
   8 Tears In Heaven clip
   9 If Not For You clip
   10 The Wonder Of You clip
     11 Come Back clip
     11 Know Him clip

This CD is a cool place to go and hang out. 

Songs are places. They take you somewhere. That's why we want to hear our favorite songs over and over again. We never get tired of hearing them because they take us somewhere we like to be.

The Word of the Lord came to me saying this. "Through the Word, through the lyrics of music, prepare a place for people to come and meet with the Lord. Prepare the way for them. Make it easy for them to come and meet with Jesus. Make it a wonderful place."

That is just what this CD is. Let these songs take you to a place where you can experience real love and joy. Let this be a place where you go when you need to find a true Friend that will cheer you up. 

Ron Perry

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