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Ron Perry, founder of Happy Days Ministries, is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and man of God who is saturated with joy. In Ron's live performances and in his recordings you will hear, feel and experience the joy of the Lord.


Join us on Facebook!Happy Days are Here Again! We're glad you stopped by to see us. Get your dancin' shoes on and let's stroll down through town. Dancin' in the Street is not only permitted, but strongly encouraged. We were once sad and lonely, but not anymore. We are family now and we have a new home. Best of all, we have the King of Hearts and He will stay with us always. He fills that place deep down inside of us that no one else can even touch. That's why we are so happy. Come on. We want to introduce you to everyone. First of all, let us introduce you to the King of Hearts. He is Jesus Christ and He takes good care of our hearts. He handles them with tender, loving care. Open up your heart to Him now and let Him walk you down the road to real happiness. I hear the band starting to play "Shout". I'm glad you came by to hang out with us.

New CD "Breathed Out" released!

Hey everybody! Ron PerryHappyDays has released a new CD entitled "Breathed Out". Listen to sample clips. You'll love it!

All scripture is "BREATHED OUT" by God…
2nd Timothy 3:16

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If you are in need of anointed music to lead the people into worship and the joy of the Lord for your service or event, or for a concert, look no further. From Sanctified Oldies, to original songs of joy, to praise and worship music, to Christmas music, we are overflowing. The presence of the Lord and the joy of the Lord inhabit this heavenly music. today!

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